JavaScript Interview Question

1.    What is prototype? Give an example?
2.    What are the objects in JavaScript? How to create them?
3.    How to debug JavaScript – which tool u used?
4.    How to access array elements in JavaScript?
5.    What is singleton?
6.    What is inheritance?
7.    What is unobtrusive JavaScript?
8.    What is MVC?
9.    What is the result of 1 + “2” + 3?
10.    What is decodeURI(), encodeURI() in JavaScript?



JavaScript Interview Questions

Most popular JavaScript interview Questions.

1.    What is event bubbling?
2.    What is the difference between null and undefined ?
3.    What is .call() and .apply() function?
4.    What is closure?
5.    What is prototypal inheritance?
6.    Give example to implement inheritance.
7.    What are the methods to create objects?
8.    What is “this” keyword?
9.    What is the use of accesskeys?
10.    What are the different datatype available in JavaScript?