Rapidshare is dying as Hotfile is becoming the new HOT file host!

I remember way back when I started using rapidshare on my speedy (not really) 128KB ADSL internet. I mean it was the bomb. Everything you need you’ll get on rapidshare and the premium accounts were a great deal better than now. Now they are getting greedy and putting all these crappy rules and making it more difficult for free users to collect more points. Hotfile and many others came to the rescue however it’s a fact that rapidshare has more bandwidth than the other ones which makes their download faster. For those of you that don’t know what rapidshare is, I’ll briefly explain.

Rapidshare is a file host where you, I and basically anyone can upload our files on their server. They run a file hosting service.  In return, for each file you’ve uploaded, you’ll get a link that you can share with everyone to download your file. For each download larger than 5MB you’ll get 1 point. (It used to be 1MB)  If you have a premium account, you can download 5GB a day. (It used to be 10GB) And really it’s more like 4.5GB because every day I will exceed my limit however flashget, my download manager indicated that I’ve downloaded less than 5GB.

The real problem isn’t that they have all these rules and absurdness going on except that I can’t seem to find rapidshare links on the regular sites I visit anymore. I only find Hotfile, Megaupload, Fileserver and Depositfile. Rapidshare links are becoming quite scarce and I simply don’t have the time to search for an eternity.

Due to the recent change in the Rapidshare, especially removing the collector zone, many people have stopped uploading their files in Rapidshare because it doesn’t give points anymore. So everyone find Hotfile as easy file sharing arena for uploading movies, games, ebooks etc. Rapidshare is dying with its own new rules and thus paving way for other file hosting sites to become more popular.

Hotfile is hot now and Rapidshare is diminishing rapidly.